Insurance Claims

Understanding and reading a insurance estimate that your insurance company provides can be like attempting to read and write in a foreign language you’ve never seen before!

This is where we come in and can provide to most comprehensive professional support available to home owners. With over 25 years of experience from our in house claims team we ensure that you will walk away fully educated on what insurance is covering, what they may not cover, and how you will be compensated as work is completed.

Aside from our in house insurance claims team, our Senior Project Managers are trained to know and understand an insurance scope so that when you meet with them you can trust you’re in a professionals hands from start to finish.

In addition, Blue Spruce is a complete restoration company handling Water, Hail, and Wind claims. Our diverse understanding of both interior and exterior claims gives us the upper hand as an elite contractor, and we put that exact same knowledge and skill into each and every claim we handle.

Let Blue Spruce be your trusted Insurance experts when handling Your claim.

Should I submit an insurance claim before Blue Spruce inspects my home?

No! There are scenarios where a roof may not have enough damage to warrant a insurance    claim. In this event, we will give you an honest comprehensive inspection to know that your next step is. You will be left knowing exactly what

Can my contractor pay my deductible?

No! Currently the state of Colorado Has the following law(s) in place:

Pursuant to part 1 of article 4:10, C.R.S., to pay for the roofing work, pursuant to section 6-22-105, the     roofing contractor cannot pay, waive, rebate, or promise to pay, waive, or rebate all or part of any insurance deductible applicable to the insurance claim for payment on the covered residential property.

In the event an insurance carrier finds out that the contractor has promised in anyway the above statement, an insurance carrier has the right to drop coverage of the policy holder leaving them un-insured.

Who do I pay my deductible to?

Your deductible is to be paid to the contractor performing the work. Much like you pay your copay when you visit the doctors, your deductible is apart of the total amount that the insurance company estimates that your job will require to complete. So in the event the deductible amount is $1,000.00, then the insurance company will withhold that exact amount and pay the rest of your claim. It is your responsibility to pay your deductible portion to your contractor.

How do I decide which materials my roof gets replaced with?

Insurance companies are required to pay like-for-like. Your senior project manager will review your claim with you and provide you with the highest quality of material that your insurance company has allowed funds for.

Can I put a second layer of shingles over my existing ones?

Colorado building codes no longer allow for multiple layers of shingles on a roof. To replace the roof we remove the existing shingles along with the underlayment and replace all the roofs components and bring it up to current building code requirements.

What does RCV and ACV mean?

RCV stand for Replacement Cost Value. This is the number that show the amount it cost to replace the handle the entire claim and restore it to pre-storm conditions.

ACV stands for Actual Cash Value. This is the amount that you are being paid from insurance on what your current loss is worth in a cash value. You have the option to not replace the damaed items and walk away with this cash. We caution you however on this. If this is your final decision keep in mind that your insurance company will not pay out on this claim again, meaning, should they pay you on your roof from hail damage and your roof has hail damage again you will not be entitled to receive compensation from your insurance company again.

If I install a new roof or a class 4 shingle do I get a discount on my insurance policy?

In most cases, yes. We advice all our clients to contact their insurance agent and see if there are any discount available after a new roof or a class 4 shingle has been installed.

If my insurance company isn’t paying for items that should be paid for, how do I get them paid for?

Blue Spruce will fully handle your claim on your behalf and work with you every step of the way to make sure you are fully indemnified on items that have been damaged.